With the assistance of their wives and daughters, Wilford Bros continued to support fundraising for hospitals throughout the First World War. Charles was named in the local newspaper in a letter from Mrs Katherine Knapp: “Dear Sir. May I take this opportunity of thanking, on behalf of my committee, all those who so very kindly helped to make the fete at Chicheley Hall the great success that it has been. Where so many gave time and trouble it seems almost invidious to specify, but I should like to thank, first of all, Lady Farrar for all she did, and also to mention the names of Messrs H.C. Cummings, A. Fairweather, P. Flemons, F.T.W. Litchfield, A.J. Simpson, T. and C. Shelton and C.M. Wilford, without whom it would have been impossible to carry out the admirable arrangements which did conduced so much to the success of the afternoon. May I say that I hope the fete will show a profit of over £2.”