Refurbishing Listed Shopfront in Towcester

Huge thanks to the Towcester community for being so friendly while we refurbished the front of Footworks, the cobblers at 136 Watling Street East. When removing previous signage, we came across the shop’s old ‘Short Back & Sides’ sign, which caught the attention of Towcester on Facebook. The photo triggered 718 clicks on Facebook!

For those who are wondering what happened to the old signage, it’s still there, behind the new sign, protected from the elements.

One local lady told us she had worked in the property when it was a barber’s shop – and she met her husband there in the 1990s.

Another lady told us that her great-great-grandparents were hairdressers there too. To give you some idea of how long ago this was, they got married in St Lawrence’s Church, Towcester, on 2 April 1840!

In 1861, the lady’s great-great-grandmother was still a hairdresser, living at number 58 on Towcester’s high street with her four children. The eldest was 13 and also worked as a hairdresser.

There’s also an old tobacconist advertising image in the window pane – it’s really old glass which has been carefully looked after.

Ian, our Operations Director who was overseeing this project, said: “We aim for these buildings to look as good as new, while still looking incredibly old but well maintained.”

If you see our workmen working on a heritage building in your area, please say hello – and we’re always fascinated to hear more about the history of the property we’re working on.