Benefiting from Word-of-mouth for Over 200 Years

Wilford & Dean’s operation has been providing restoration, conversion and maintenance services for heritage buildings, sculptures, walls and other historic features for longer than anyone can remember.

It is part of Newport Pagnell Construction, and is an unusual and award-winning business. It helped build the city of Milton Keynes, and today maintains or refurbishes urban properties, while retaining the rare craftsmanship needed to restore or repair old and culturally important buildings.

Continuity and quality

The business was founded in 1810 in Newport Pagnell. Quality of service leads the workforce in everything they deliver.

It was one of the UK’s first construction and maintenance companies to commit to using direct employees (rather than contractors) for the lion’s share of its deliverables, to maintain quality standards.

The workforce includes master tradesmen who have skills that are no longer taught on mainstream college courses. Many of Wilford & Dean’s employees have been instrumental in restoring and maintaining some of the region’s most iconic buildings.

Wilford & Dean will always remain a local company. The business bought its first premises in Newport Pagnell in 1888 for £265, and has never needed to move. It is one of the region’s few remaining sources of some of the specialist skills needed to maintain historic buildings – and it will remain that way.

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